Number of Guest per Member


Each member is allowed to bring a maximum of 7 guests in a day @ Rs.50/- plus GST

Corporate Membership

  1. Fees
    1. Admission fee for two Members : ₹.5 Lakhs
    2. Admission fee for four Members : ₹.9 Lakhs
    3. Admission fee for six Members : ₹.13 Lakhs
    4. Monthly Subscription : ₹.600/- per month per Member
    5. Refundable deposit : ₹.10,000/-
    6. GST of 18% to be paid on Membership Fee and monthly subscription.

  2. Documents required along with the application
    1. An authenticated copy of the resolution authorizing the institution to apply for membership.
    2. If the above resolution is not enclosed, reason why it is not enclosed
    3. DD / Pay order for payment.
    4. Memorandum and Articles of Association of Rules of the Institution.
    5. Nominee data form along with 2 copies of passport size photographs.

    6. Payments to be made for using any other facility. The duration of Membership is for 10 Years. Yearly Subscription shall be paid in advance.

  3. Note:
    1. In case of any change in the nomination of the person, a service fee of ₹.2000/- per Member plus GST of 18% shall be payable.
    2. Corporate Membership application is available at our cash counter, application fee of ₹.100/- plus GST of 18% shall be payable.
    3. For further details contact our website

The Koramangala Club introduces new category of Membership as under:-

  1. Long Term Temporary Membership for 3 years at a fee of Rs.2,50,000/- .
    Rs.2,00,000/- shall be Refunded after 3 years of locking period without interest - This intake of Membership is restricted to 100 candidates only.
  2. Resident Membership for residents of Koramangala at Rs.6 Lakhs Plus GST at 18%
    Resident Members: The Members who are permanent residents of the Koramangala layout by virtue of their owning an immovable property or a site in their own name or in the name of the spouse or parents shall be called "Resident Members". Koramangala layout means & includes the area comprising Koramangala block Nos. 1 to 8, ST Bed, villages of Koramangala, Maistrypalya, Kathalipalya, Koramangala industrial layout, NGV complex & Venkatapura and all areas under the pin codes of Koramangala that is 560095 & 560034 including Ashwini layout, Chandra Reddy layout & Venkta Reddy Layout as declared from time to time by the Bangalore Development Authority and / the Bangalore Bruhat Mahanagara Palike as the case may be.
  3. Non Resident Membership at Rs.8 Lakhs plus GST at 18%

For all other details and formalities call Mr.Dineshsagar on 8147024163
Pradeep Kumar R.S

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